Two or Three for the Price of One!!

Tony Porter
Wed 15 Apr 2009 11:59
A bit like London buses!! blog for weeks and then two contributions on the same day!!...but before we get to those let me say what a wonderful job Bob & John have done with the teak work, scrubbing, bleaching, sanding and re-finishing has brought the cockpit up like new!....many thanks for your hard work.  Not to be outdone Terry has scrubbed decks and polished the hull ably assisted by Eric to have Renegade looking pristine. Now to my ship mates:
From Bob the 'Boy'
Well here we are in April with only some 40 days until the start of the big trip and meanwhile a practice overnight trip down to Bucklers Hard & weekend in the Solent with lots of MOB, emergency steering, reefing, anchoring, drogue deployment drills along the way; Planned dep 22.00 hrs Friday the 24th April (staying at Bucklers Hard for the Beaulieu boat jumble -
Since the last update a considerable amount of work has gone into getting the good ship Renegade ready for action. Work completed includes fitting of a NASA AIS, stripping and re-treating all the teak woodwork, unpacking and repacking the entire boat, purchase and fitting of a number of essential items including (deep breath) toilet roll holder, toilet brush, soap dish, wet gear hanger (4 hooks); plus teak spice rack & kitchen towel holder for galley.....this is to ready us for the arrival of Gail our only female crew in Lagos (the only one brave enough to put up with 3 old salts!!).  

 Our Skipper has gone through all the Rally requirements in detail and has ordered a couple of the detail Imray charts of the Portugal coast (we now have more charts than Amazon!!!), plus from chandlers final bits including (another even deeper breath) Sail repair kit, 2 red smoke flares for grab bag, 12V long lead searchlight, from Halfords 2 x 25ltr water containers (special offer) & small portable fire extinguisher to go next to the galley stove.....I swear Renegade is 6" lower on her marks!!.  
In addition our skipper has had a birthday - unfortunately only people with "top secret" government security clearance is allowed to know the number of years. 

 More later - Bob the Boy !

From the "Bilge Rat" - alias 'Power Man'

Feeling under orders and perhaps because John, THE ELDER and THE BOY work considerably more hours than myself, but still found time to enhance the teak finish in the cockpit area superbly.  I submit this short effort for  consideration......

Once again on short intervals achieved, the "skipper with sand in his boots" has performed wonders to have "Renegade" fully equipped.  Ably assisted by "the Devilish Black Sheep" i.e. Eric (otherwise known as the 'nose' who has instead this year chosen to sail by which 'Queen' what was it...., the yacht has had all equipment sorted, stowing rearranged, so everyone knows the locations immediately, or maybe SOMEONE won't remember anything?, but, well done.

Tony, our skipper returns from Saudi on the 22nd (or else!!), the 24th sees a quick lift and bottom tickle at Brighton before an evening departure for Beaulieu  Testing of equipment and procedures will be carried out over a long weekend, encompassing the Boat Jumble.

A recent email from Tony to the crew, state no more Saudi trips......  I invite you all to follow progress and see how long that statement holds true.  ........
Final word from Skip!
Ladies & Gentlemen (aka crew),

Many, many thanks for the cards that arrived perfectly on the said day.....just to remind me how old I really am!!
A further Birthday present was having my steroid injection into the 'duff' ankle....did I say good news!!... so am now 'leaping buildings at a single bound'....well nearly!!....also had my Tetanus shot (only one not in date).
Carol gave me subscription to PBO so we can have reading material plus 3 good DVD's ('Taken' with Liam Neeson; 'Body of Lies' with DiCaprio & Crowe and 'Flashbacks of a fool' with Daniel Craig) ...this is for those long boring evening at sea!!!!.....course we can do re-runs on Master & Commander!!
Oh and I put the 'Tuna' fishing tackle on board.....look out you mackerel!!

  Look forward to seeing you all soon......time is short!

  Tony (sandy skip!!)....but not for much longer!