37:06.66N 08:40.5W Finally Lagos

Tony Porter
Tue 23 Jun 2009 11:46
After a very windy night in Sines with the wave slap keeping the stern cabin occupants awake we were off to an early start for Lagos (80nm).  Crossing the start line at 06:34 the wind died before 7 and we had the usual frustrating lumpy motoring for 4 hours in the gloomy overcast skies!! finally with the sun starting to break through the wind picked up and with chute up (by our now expert foredeck crew) we were off. Hand steering was the order of the day with quartering seas and the same NNW wind, gusting between 10 & 19 knots!!...  As we approached Cape St Vincent in glorius weather and the wind strengthening we took the chute down to find the halyard nearly chaffed through!!.....there but for the grace of god!!   with headsail and full main we jibed round the point dipping our ensign to Lord Nelson as we came abeam.  On then to Point de Sagres on an adrenalin beam reach in glorius sailing conditions of 20 knots; with crew now on the rail we hardened up to Point de Piadade going like a train, rail in the water and spray everywhere!!!...minor compliants from Terry who took the brunt of getting 'goffered'!!...no complaints from John who sheltered in the 'Lee' of Terry!!!
The final beat up to the line Renegade was in her element, carrying full sail in 25 +knots of apparrent and less tahn 30deg off the bow we were sailing like a dinghy!! further up to windward than the bigger points we hurtled over the final line in a cloud of spray!....only to find our fan club were being royally entertained by the 'Essex boys' on Andiamo!!
Not to be out done though by the time we had the sails down and were motoring up the canal the 'girls' were out with flags and banners cheering Renegade home!!.....
Coming alongside on the waiting pontoon there was much joyious reunions with the wives, in the case of the two bearded crew members some interesting comments!! .......and promises of visits to the barber!!
Our final dinner and prize giving is set for Wednesday.....unfortunately we also lose Bob here who has to return to work......more on that later, but for now we all will miss him
Photos later.