The Boy's farewell! & cruising on

Tony Porter
Sat 27 Jun 2009 08:59
So the crew has changed!.....Bob has arrived home as have Carol and Sue; motley crew of desperados have returned to Renegade and under the 'steely eye' of Gail who is setting new standards of tidyness and organistion....
With poetic license from Gail we have the following contributions:
Ode to Rally Portugal -
The Rally is over and the guys are delighted,
to make it here safely, no matter how hard they party'd!
They cooked and they cleaned, well I am so amazed,
how they lived so close together for 25 days.
Tony & John with nice clean chins,
Terry and Bob like they rifled the bins!!
The wives have arrived, with hope not a fright!
to join in the Party on the Final night.
Crew Change -
The Rally over and Bob departed,
we expect he feels so broken hearted!
For back to work he must go
as his boss has said a definate no!
To stay on the race to the 'bitter end'
would result in his 'cards' he would have to send!
So now I am here to take his place,
I am just so glad there will be no race!
For Port & Starboard I don't know,
please skip don't say "she'll have to go!!
Attached is a picture of Bob in final party mode!
Current Plan is to move out of the Marina tonight and set off for Gibraltar early tomorrow morning Approx 182nm to run!

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