40:08.84N 08:51.59W

Tony Porter
Fri 12 Jun 2009 18:49
Excellent days sailing in brilliant sunshine and fantastic winds topping F6 at times.
We spent most of the day chasing Ben More - but they pipped us to the post by no more than a minute. We think we finished about 8th across the line but await the figures adjusted for engine and handicap (we were  only on engine for 2hrs at the beginning of the day).
Some excellent downwind sailing saw us average 6.8 knots throughout the day (79miles)
We had 10.3 knots  on the final approach - to say the skipper was concentrating would be a massive understatement.
I suspect we will have a quite night tonight as we are all fairly tired from the day
Editors footnote: - I need higher factor suntan lotion and so does Tony!  The other two are going i nice bronzon colour -but arnt being smug about it.