Day 13: Over half way there - official!

Fri 5 Dec 2008 16:54


We’ve broken 1400 miles to go and, good gracious me, what a change in the weather as well. It won’t be a long blog from me today as I can’t type that well anyway and certainly not at a 45 degrees angle.


At dusk we set our ‘normal’ nightly rig. I did my usual 21:00 to midnight watch and Que Sera was just beautiful in about 18kts of wind. Per Jock:


“Just in case you think that the “Dogwatch” is all about music and shooting stars, there was a little more to do last night! Oh and thanks to the many readers who have advised on the correct use of “Dogwatch”. We have decided nevertheless to retain the term as, as they say “if the cap fits, wear it”!


At about 1am Mike popped his head up the companionway on the way to answer a call of nature. He offered some help to put a reef in the main and I bit his hand off! The wind was by then 20 knots plus and rising. By the time we had put 2 reefs in the main and furled most of the jib the wind was comfortably 25 knots +; one could say lucky or maybe impeccable timing, I will leave you to judge!


The reefing was made difficult in the conditions with a few ropes jamming up around the mast meaning yours truly was backwards and forwards re-running lines and the like. I was even soaked for the first time on this trip, but the water and wind remain amazingly warm.


The wind stayed with us at up to 30 knots until 9 or so this morning, by which time skipper Gerald was in full command of his ship, bowling along on a broad reach.


In the conditions we got little sleep last night but today has been a belter. We have had a sumptious lunch, courtesy Gerald. Prior to lunch I had 2 hours at the wheel surfing down the waves in 20 to 25 knots. Quite exhilarating!


Back to more mundane duties now – a sail change is coming up!”


And just to think that I slept through the entire thing - well that's what crew are there for really!                                                         


A fearful sky at 7am, and a high sea that doesn't come out very well                                   Skipper 'Grandpa' Gerald at 8am


And tallking of mundane duties, Jock was indeed right – a perfectly ghastly experience getting up the spinnaker!


Happy week-end everyone.......................................