The Epiblog

Wed 17 Dec 2008 12:34
Well, as anticipated in my previous blog, we did indeed arrive.  As we approached Pigeon Island, we were greeted by my brothers Patrick and Nicholas on P's boat which he keeps out here.  Aboard it were the Russell and Lennox welcoming parties.  They said we looked very small coming over the horizon, which indeed we are!
We sailed in tandem round Pigeon Island experiencing some huge Atlantic rollers, {I wouldn't have liked to have caught one of those on our side) and round into Rodney Bay.  There was a huge cheer as we got our siren across the finish line.  We then proceeded to tie up and were welcomed with a bowl of fruit and what seemed to be a very strong rum punch, {it might actually have been a weak one, but hard to tell as it was our first decent drink for three weeks}.  Then the full welcoming committee arrived and the champagne flowed, after which we abandoned the boat and made for the hotel for a decent scrub up.
We were fortunate to have arrived in time for the marina manager's party to which all were invited and this was a splendid evening with ARC crews celebrating their respective arrivals.  There were some rather sore heads when we went to clean up the boat the next morning.  I have to say Que Sera has done us proud.
It's quite an odd feeling now that it is all over - the fifteen months of planning; the training undertaken; the trip across and down from the UK {including the terrible time we had in Biscay when we twice failed to reach the airport from which we had return tickets}; the pounds spent, and generally the time taken to achieve this result. All well worth it!
So this is the Epiblog and I am signing off - hope you have enjoyed reading about us.   Gerald Russell.
Coming up to pigeon Island - land is a welcome sight!                       Yours truly 'bringing her in '                                        And The Champagne flowed!
PS I will have to find something else to do now. I don't suppose anybody knows of a good literary agent who could find a job for a writer of fiction. Oh -  you don't really think that all this actually happened do you?
No, no -  its just the work of a fertile imagination!  I mean you don't really think that they put people on the moon do you?!