End of the first day

Mon 24 Nov 2008 05:48
Its been a phenomenal start.Fireworks at midnight, a not too early start with a swim for all of us, then a meet up with Richard and Graeme for coffee, and then a saunter back to the boat at 11ish to cast off at 11.55.
The team at 11:50                                                               Leaving Harbour - What a cacophony of noise and crowds on the sea wall
Great atmosphere - Bands up and down the quayside, more fireworks, Boats blowing horns and blaring music ( ours was Hooked on Classics as we left the harbour entrance), with it seemed the whole of Las Palmas was there to cheer us off!  Not too hairy a start up the windward end of the line but not too far up which thereby avoided the inevitable fracas of boats coming in on starboard and then tacking to port in the middle of the others - why in a 3 week rally some still want a racing start beats me!  We were in the first third of the fleet of 180 I reckon. Now sailing south in 15 kts to get 50 miles south of Gran Canaria to avoid the wind shadow, and then turn right for St Lucia..  Here we come.....................
A few minutes after the start                                               The end of Day 1