Day 9 - under 2000 to go

Mon 1 Dec 2008 15:38

We passed the 2000 miles to go milestone yesterday. Sailing last night was fine. It’s quite fun ruminating whilst listening to everything from Jimi Hendrix (great musician) to Mozart (great musician)!


We put the Para up just after dawn and given the forecast for light airs (10-15 kts) for the next two days we may well keep it up over night as well.  Speed is really critical now. We have made our needed 5.5 kts over the ground in the last 24 hrs (at 6 am this morning) and earlier were doing 6/6.5 with the kite up. Mid morning the wind was very variable and Jock decided to avoid the clear sunny patch and head for the clouds for more wind – it worked! We are still tracking due WSW and hope to go straight for it on Tuesday. The forecast for Wednesday /Thursday looks as though we may need our wet weather gear. We’ll let you know.


I had an e-mail asking how the food was going. The answer is pretty well. 


We had the last of our fresh meat on Friday. It was steak which we had left until last, the chicken and mince having been consumed on earlier suppers. Unfortunately Jock’s had gone off which really didn’t matter to Mike or me as ours was fine!


The fruit and veg though are lasting remarkably well. Considering it was delivered to the boat last Friday evening it has now been aboard well over a week – 11 days in fact. We still have masses of apples, oranges, grapefruit, plums, pears and lemons. There is still a pineapple to go, two melons and some green bananas hidden in the dark. On the veg side the potatoes and carrots are lasting well as are the tomatoes, courgettes and the aubergines (though we need to get through those today). The celery is finished but amazingly we will still have some lettuce with our salad for lunch!


I have to say that it’s all pretty delicious stuff being mainly local Mediterranean produce. The only real sadness was having to chuck over a bag of beans which sadly had gone mouldy but we had at least got 3 meals out of them.


Whilst on the subject of food, you might like to know that we eat out of dog bowls because they are much more stable than normal ones and the food doesn’t slip out. Woof  Woof!


So we are still eating healthily………


       Eat your hearts out Monty and Poppy and Teddy and Beauly