Fw: Day 3

Wed 26 Nov 2008 00:26

Very low wind, sad to say - 4/6/kts through the night and not much better by mid day. We flopped through the night with the Parasail, experimenting with how much main to have at the same time. We have reefed in the main to second position so as to get some wind but not blanket the Para. We also tried sheeting the main right in which made the Para set better but also reduced speed.
The trouble with this speed is that the duogen doesn't generate enough to keep the electronics in equilibrium, therefore around mid-day we had the engine on to recharge the batteries at the same time as making more water.
Not much to photograph so I thought I would let you see the dawn coming up. I wish though you could have seen last night's sky which was truly impressive!
Yes, its a lovely day, but still not much wind. We have been coaxing out every ounce that we can. However we have covered 240 miles since the start in a South Westerly direction