Fw: Finally in Las Palmas

Fri 7 Nov 2008 17:35

Well, we did get here as planned arriving just as the sun was coming up, giving us sufficient daylight to avoid the coming and going of some enourmous freighters. Whatever the rules of the road say we give them a wide berth!!
This is a really big commercial port, but the Marina, also large, is charming, well managed with super staff and a very helpful and well stocked chandlery.Not only that but we have been able to get temporary memebership of the Yacht Club with good washing facilities and a pool!   
A very relaxing view of the Marina!                                                Navel Chappie, Graham, helping load the outboard for a service
We had a big clean up of the boat. Graham did a stunning job of fitting the new stove ( the old one having got completely wasted in Biscay), together with a myriad of other jobs, it has all but taken up the last two days.
Crew off duty.......                                                                       Whilst I have the task of sorting out how our new Parasail is going to work!
Ah well, home at the weekend before we come back for the final fling. So far we've clocked near enough 1,700 miles just getting to the start.