Day 5 - 27 November

Thu 27 Nov 2008 17:11
Well, the fish I left you a picture of yesterday was a conundrum. It had a Yellow tinge to its scales and a large Fin. Jock gutted it and I cooked it in olive oil, lemon and pepper and then we tried it. It tasted just like Tuna. From this we deduced that we had indeed caught 3 of the famed 'Yellow Finned Tuna ',and quite delicious it was too!
It was a shame we put the other 2 back otherwise they would have been tonight's supper!
Last night/today the sailing has been better. Last night we managed to wrap the Parasail round the furler 5 times or so, so in the end we just centred the main and sailed under spinnaker alone. The wind increased and we able to have a good point of sail during the day. We are still heading in a southerly direction as our forecaster has advised us to get as far south as possible to avoid some heavy, squally weather further the north. We have a private weather man ( Chris Tibbs - who amongst other things wrote the RYA Weather Handbook) and his advice has been spot on. We e-mail him our data each morning, he then sends a forecast for where we are and where we should go.
We have made up some time and are now ( 5pm) 485 miles from the start as the crow flies. Our average speed overall is 5 kts with the tide, not great but Que Sera much prefers a reach rather than the wind straight astern which is what it has been so far, and may well remain.
A few happy pics - we are now in the Tropics and it is certainly warmer....................
Tasting the delicacy -pity we let the other 2 go!           Skipper at the end of the 6am (dark) to 9am watch    Mike - a tropical sailor