Last leg to Las Palmas

Mon 3 Nov 2008 13:37

Mike and I have been joined by a mate of his, Graham (a naval chappie), for the last leg. It didn’t start too well as it was pouring with rain in Lagos and we had to put on stores. After a very wet return with two trolleys from the supermarket I managed to wheel one backwards down the pontoon and promptly feel through the hole in the end of it straight into the water – but not taking the food trolley with me fortunately!


We finally left at 4pm on Friday 31 October with a fair breeze straight into the sunset. That was the best we saw for two days which were peppered with bouts of rain, 25 kts of wind, followed by relative nothing, 5/6 or so, with the boat then rolling round in high seas and some queasiness aboard. We had some huge squalls, 35 kts regularly with a high recorded of 37.5 and a boat speed of 11.1 – hairy indeed!


Storm coming!!!!!                                                                      And after.......


Today, Monday, is better with some sun to dry up in and 16 kts. We are making very good time and will arrive earlier, hopefully Wednesday.



Night Night!