Day 4 -Wednesday 26

Wed 26 Nov 2008 16:26
Today had the potential for being rather boring, low wind and thus speed through the night (only 4-8 kts so very difficult to get the boat going) and relatively light winds through the day. There has been a great deal of chat with some other boats on the VHF ( about 25 mile radius so although we can only see one or two on the horizon -a few more at night-we can talk) about whether we are in the best place for wind, and the answer appears to be YES.  But its slow progress. We have now travelled only 310 miles through the water and 340 (with the tide) over ground. So we are a bit short of our average of 120 miles a day ( i.e. 5 kts) to make St Lucia on our ETA of 13 Dec.
No matter it should pick up when we turn right at the Verde Islands.
But the excitement has been that Jock caught 3 fish at one go. We have no idea whether edible or not so we will investigate!
3 fish caught on one line                                       Reeling in                                                         Proud Jock with the one we kept. What is it?
That's all for now. Apologies for lots of spelling errors from time to time but its not easy with 2 fingers and going from side to side. I think " bourne" was something to do with the Bourne Identity films!   I have now discovered the spell checker so it may improve....................