Day 21 - A shimmering sea and NO BLOG TOMORROW

Sat 13 Dec 2008 12:54

We’re almost there (with just over 3OO miles to go}…….Sounds a bit like a Frank Sinatra (or was it someone else?) tune really. And if one really wants to be in that tacky frame of mind, then we did it our way.  Sorry, couldn’t resist it!


We had a quieter night last night with average speed down to around 5.5 kts but a favourable tide gave us about 6.5 over the ground. It was the most beautiful night that I think we have had on the trip - an almost cloudless sky with a full moon shimmering across the water. This is a sight you normally only see in films! The vast expanse of this huge ocean that we have almost crossed, lit up in this way (it’s really very bright), is quite wonderful. Mind you, the moonless but clear starlit ones that we had at the beginning of the trip were quite magnificent too. Maybe it’s just impossible to pick a favourite out of the variety we have had. Indeed, the clouds have been pretty spectacular too, as has each dawn which I have had the privilege to see on my second watch. All in all we have had a feast of skies to admire and ponder. Not a lot of scenery though!


I have tried to bring you a picture of last night but I am sorry to say that my £100, Gatwick Airport, oh blast I forget to bring my camera, type camera does just not do it justice. Having said that it has been a true boon to have this trusty little Casio as it has certainly enhanced the Blog!


The moonlight does at least enable one to see what is in the water. By day we were able to spot a large oil drum which we had been directly heading for and change course to let it pass by (good spot Jock) but by night it can be very difficult, if not impossible. It was reported that one yacht had seen something “the size of a bus semi-submerged in the water”. Not nice.


Having seen virtually no boats in the 2500 miles and 3 weeks we have been going we were almost on a collision course with one last night passing by with about 1000 mtrs to spare. We were both properly lit! And talking of 3 weeks, we had our last half Melon (delicious) yesterday and the other half today and still have a few apples, oranges and grapefruit to see us to the end. It is remarkable to have lasted so long in this heat. I do rather like the custom of being presented with a large basket of fruit on arrival, together with the Rum Punch of course!


I am carrying on my one week old tradition of not blogging tomorrow, Sunday. So the next edition will be Monday which, all being well, should be the day of our arrival at St Lucia. Each of us is very excited at seeing our families, various of whom are meeting up with us. Jock’s wife is already on the beach, my crowd fly out on Sunday and Mike’s come out Tuesday. That’s fine – he can tidy up the boat then while he waits!






Yes, I was right. It doesn't do it justice. Please imagine!                                          Best avoided......................


Bye for now. Looking forward to Monday!