Andrew Yates
Thu 4 Jun 2009 13:16
Good day to everybody watching at home.
Serious News flash, calling all chocolatiers, the secret stash of chocoate was discovered, and most of it was then consumed to ensure the boats survival. And now we are getting close we have to get rid of weight on board the boat to get another 0.00000001 knots of speed.
Glad to say that we are finally getting there, less than 40 hours to go. Sams celebrating by wearing his extra large portugese womens pyjamers, looks very fetching in pink and blue with a pretty little heart.
The Skipper is starting to feel the affects of vertigo, as land is getting closer, she seems to be getting more and more unwell. the rest of the crew feel she wants to spend the rest of her life at sea, and become a pirate.
For Dinner Mats curry is smelling devine, with garlic naan bread to go with it, yum yum.
Mats fishing attempts, simply pathetic, the continental shelf proved to have no fish, My excuse is that over fishing in the Atlantic has caused no COD.
An arguement is currenty brewing on board. Katie claims a boat Tanker sized passed within 4 boat lengths of us. The rest of the crew think thats a little impossible, as we would now all be dead. In reality the tanker passed at least 1.5 miles away from us on our Port side.
anyway see you all soon, bye bye for now