Getting close

Andrew Yates
Fri 22 May 2009 15:37
Not to much to report from sunny Atlantic.....very very hot today and little respite as little wind or shade....should not complain as we have been wishing for this for the last week.....but hey we are British!   A few small decrepit looking turtles have passed by and as usual more boring I hear you say....not again.   They are getting bigger though  they are of the bottlenose variety.   Sam and Mathew....current mental age 7.... have been having skimming competitions of the back of the boat with mouldy pitta breads.....boys and their toys!    With the flat seas we managed to hold down a game of cards last night after Katie made a delicious chilli with Garlic pitta bread (not the mouldy stuff).  Some people know how to cheat and others they just loose....Katie lost at Piggy.  Back to my cooking day and have made a loaf of bread that resembles a brick but then we are out of white flour and only wholemeal to work with.   Tasted alright though.
Hoping to see some Whales later today and if it stays this hot we may go for a dip!   Don't worry it will not be a case of adrift....we will stay attached to lines and fenders off the back of the boat and someone will stay on boat......if sharks appear rest assured we will jump back on pretty quickly.....joking!
Oh...both the boys have had showers so they smell nice now whereas Katie and myself still hum!
Tune in again.
The good ship Piccolo