Three days into trip

Andrew Yates
Mon 11 May 2009 16:57
Well we are three days into the trip and all is going well.   We started by heading up the west side of Antigua passing St John and the huge US hospital ship called Comfort....did not think we were too close but obviously the US military police did as they came out on their rib in full uniform, three guys and a flashing light.... we thought it was a funny start.   The seas were moderate and not everyone on the boat had the stomach straight away....not sure whether it was seasickness or an effect of the moderate consumption of alcohol the night before.   We did not get the send off that Valsheeda got when she left that day but Joost shouting Piccolo from the shore side and waving his shirt was good enough.   Steady easterlies have kept us on a beat and the seas are varying from 1 - 2metres.    Winds have been between 13 - 22 knots, usually picking up at night.    Have not started fishing as being going too fast but with the winds dying we should be starting very soon.  Fish have arrived on the deck infact in the cockpit....thankfully not on my watch but they seem to love it when Katie is on watch and flap around until they either die or someone manages to catch them and throw them back.....apart from a few Bermudan Swallow tails, wildlife is pretty sparce.