The end of the fresh vegetables is nigh! N 39 11 W 043 32

Andrew Yates
Wed 20 May 2009 16:42
The creative cooking competition is about to begin as Piccolo is running out of fresh produce.   Amazed that we still have peppers, courgettes and onions.....oh and a few shrivelled limes, which we are saving for the fish we are going to catch,   We have eaten very well albeit it mainly vegetarian due to dislike of crew to tinned meats.   Last night young Mathew excelled himself and cooked a delicious madras with nan bread.....within a few mouthfuls everyone reached for the bottle of water and that was after he had added sour cream to take some of the heat out of it.
Katie is starting to hallucinate we thinks as she is the only one seeing the Whales as they pop up close to the boat and last night she saw a meteor!  However, when she shouts dolphins they are there and yesterday we were treated to an amazing acrobatic display from about 30 dolphins around the boat, jumping as high as 7 feet out of the water.
The engine was put on in the early hours of the morning when the wind died to the point where the severely reefed main(due to tear) and poor course (due to wind direction) meant we were making no headway to the Azores and it all and it became a bit demoralising.  Thankfully we have only used the diesel for a little charging of the batteries so we should be ok fuel wise.   We are trying to sail ESE on a course of 112 but can only make a course of about 55 or 155 and this varies as the wind swings between ENE and ESE.   The seas have died a bit so early this morning, Heidi and Mathew set about repairing the sail tear.....Quite the operation, it involved Acetone, Superglue, a chopping board, sail cloth and we went through 5 needles but it looks good and now the main is up with only one reef in, waiting for the wind to allow us to sail a half decent course with some wind that isn't coming from the direction that we are trying to sail.
As we speak Sam is taking the third loaf of the week out of the oven and it does smell good......its all a bit of an art with him so we are expecting great things after Mathew and I just boshed up a couple of tasty loafs with no skill whatsoever.
Less than 700 miles to go and we should be drinking in the famous Peter Cafe Sport Bar and preparing our masterpiece painting to add to the biggest art gallery in the world......any ideas what a piccolo looks like?
Tune in tomo for more adventures from the good ship Picollo