Day 7 in the big brother boat!

Andrew Yates
Fri 15 May 2009 17:29
Well the excitement continues....after devouring our freshly caught fish yesterday (of unknown type...but possiblly a Dorada) we spotted more whales...this time much closer and thankfully much smaller!  These ones were not broaching just mulling around and being quite inquisitive, allowing us to come within a 100 feet of them.... we later identified them as long finned pilot whales of which there were approximately five.  They range in size from 4 - 6 metres.    Had to do a little motoring in the afternoon as the wind died for a few hours....however on Katies watch the wind went form a NE to a NW in a split second and increased by 10 knots.....after putting a reef in the main and furling in half of the head sail we were racing along at 8.5 knots average....when Mathew was handed over his watch he was challenged to beat the 8.9 record that day to which he duly rose to...took over the wheel and within a minute topped 9.9...... a cracking sail bang on course.   As we thought, we had caught the lower tail end of a low pressure system moving to the North of us and now the winds have dropped.   However we are still cruising along at 7.5 on a broad reach and not too far off course and the sun is shining!..... can't be bad.
The flying fish saga has hopefully come to an end when after much deliberation and consultation with the Atlantic Crossing Guide we decided they were flying towards our instrument lights as they always landed in the same spot beside the wheel....which is of course where we stand!   Last night we put all the covers on the instruments .....who needs such technology anyway.....and no fish landed despite the moderate seas.
The Atlantic Swell is building and whilst Katie sleeps and Sam works on his nearly all over tan, the barometer drops.....hopefully more wind on the way (not too much please)  Also, I am the only one with good eye sight as the others think I am imagining seeing another yacht but I can see its sails about 4 miles off our starboard side so we are not alone in this vast ocean ....until it overtakes us at least.  We will try and make radio contact once everyone else can see it.... guess they are going to have to stand up to do that and some don't have the sea legs that I have acquired!!
Signing out from Piccolo