Less than a 1000 miles to go!

Andrew Yates
Mon 1 Jun 2009 11:06
We have nearly covered 3,000 miles to date since we left Antigua and we can tell the difference in the air temperature for sure...also the water temperature as the waves bosh over the bow and over the only spot in the cockpit the person on watch just happens to be sitting....leaving the rest of the cockpit dry.   Try as we like to sit at different points in the cockpit but the wave always gets us.......Thanks Andy for leaving the Spray hood at home.   Bit of advice to anyone thinking about doing this trip in the future....yes take the spray hood off for racing (Although they do fold back you know) but put the bloody thing back on again...do not leave in England!
All is good on the good ship Piccolo....as usual Katie is in her pit and will probably miss her lunch of ryvitas again..... the communal meal times do not seem to apply.  No one else wants to eat these bits of cardboard so hopefully she will snack her way through all 3 packets (they were specifically requested by Katie) so they do not go to waste....I do not think even the hungriest of fishes would be tempted by them.
Currently doing between 7 & 8 Knots with one reef in main and slightly reefed Genoa, wind is building and so are the seas but they did both reduce during the night which is always good for a sound nights sleep.   Dolphins visited some on watch last night and with half a moon and phosphorescence it was a welcome sight.
Tune in tomo folks