N 39 35 W 040 21

Andrew Yates
Thu 21 May 2009 15:27
Piccolo has found wind in the right direction at last.  The seas have died down and we are currently making around 7 knots towards the Azores with some good sunshine this morning which is currently being held at bay by a rather large block of cloud.  ETA Azores - sooner than before.
Yesterdays shenanigans brought us laughter when Katie found herself locked in a toilet.  It turns out a table the Mat had put away had slipped and blocked the door.  Some giggling was had before said table was removed.  Sam was baker for the day and fresh bread was baked, buttered and eaten with some sumptious spaghetti hoops.  Shortly followed a coconut cake washed down with a bottle of 'Half way to the Azores' Rose Champers courtesy of Joost (Joost you are a true legend - merci) with Neptune of course having her fair share (this may explain the favourable wind and seas).  Dinner was Pizza followed by a well stuffed sleep.  Nightime brought the change in winds and some peaceful watches.  Katie spied a light and asked if it was coming towards us, the reply was it's the moon rising and therefore should miss us.
This morning has seen Katie hard at it in the galley, her first loaf of bread is in the oven, it smells good and rose extremely well leading some crew members to ask just how much yeast was put in the mix.  Pancakes were made, delicious they were if not some a little thick (although there is something to be said for cooking four in one - saves time and gas).
Fight update - Heidi v's Batterys - Dare I say it, they fight is won and Heidi is proudly walking around the boat in a bright shiney belt.  There could be a rematch so watch this space.
Speed update - We need a storm to match the speeds achieved and none of us are chasing storms after the last one.
So here's to a good afternoon, a slice or two of freshly baked bread and the sun beating off the cloud allowing he crew of Piccolo to continue this hard life of ours soaking up the rays.  Come on sun, you can do it.