Toblerone, Stars and a Fight

Andrew Yates
Wed 13 May 2009 19:11
So we continue, after the excitement of dolphins and the catch of seaweed we sailed on in ever decreasing winds.  The day started at 15 knots from the north east and finished with 11 from the east.  The wonderful things to be seen here today have ranged from a rusty old gas bottle to portuguesse man of war, oh and another sailing yacht spied by Heidi on our port side and sailed across our path and dissappeared off the the starboard.  All attempts to contact them via VHF were fruitless so we continue to talk amongst ourselves.  The afternoon brought our first fight aboard Piccolo, it was only a matter of time in this big brother environment as Heidi fell out with the batteries.  The fuel cell appears to be working but not charging the batteries which in themselves appear to enjoying a life (or not) of their own as the willing drop two volts for no reason and without warning.  Luckily our sea stomachs are with us and we are working down bellow to check all connections and the like to which we can find no fault although admittedly we all slept during GCSE physics lessons (Heidi did O Levels we presume!).
Lunch brought us some egg sandwichs and dinner a Oyster Sauce stir fry and after we watched the wonderfully star filled night with the almost tuneful Bob Dylan singing while shooting stars and satalites were spotted.  Night brought round two of Heidi V's Batteries with neither making much progress, the engine was brought in to keep all things cool (including the fridge).  The highlight of a calm night ( 7 knots ending 3) was most definitely the Toblerone brought along by Katie (thankyou Katie's Mother) and Katie's comment on watch.  At approximately 3am while the crew slept a voice could be heard...... "Heidi........Heidi"  Heidi slept soundly but Sam awoke "Heidi.... Heidi" Sam thinking trouble might be looming went onto to assist, appearing on deck Katie pointed off starboard to a star and asked Sam "Where's that going?"  Sam having just woke looked at the star, looked at Katie, again looked at the star and then back to Katie "That's a star Katie, I'm not sure where's it's going but it's not going to bother us" "Oh, it's a star, but it keeps getting brighter and darker" "That might be the clouds passing infront of it" "Oh, sorry" Sam returned a little confused to sleep some more.
The morning brought Heidi and Matt attaching the cruising shute whcih was hoisted with the aid of a freshly woken Sam to much success bringing a maximum 9 knots in a max of 11 knots wind.  The wind gusted and the shoot was brought down chinning Matt with the hallard shackle and the genoa crushing Sam against the forestays, no doctors were required as the lads aboard are tough little sailors. Upon the shute being packed away the wind promptly died and we baked in the sun.  The pre-lunch entertainment was Katie spotting large plumes of water on the starboard horizon, this being whales on their way to a well deserved beer in the Azores. Lunch brought sandwiches and oranges and some motoring to help Piccolo towards a redezvous with those whales and that beer.