running fom the winds, in a sail boat, strange

Andrew Yates
Sat 23 May 2009 14:37
Hello All,
Well we are finally getting closer its Hot and sunny just as it should be, probably not for long though with very high winds likely to be coming our way. With only 250 miles to go, everybody is up, apart from Katie. And Skipper has been assigning jobs ready for our onslaught into the Azores bars.
Dophins have been plentiful but have become quite annoying, they keep coming in their millions, but despite best efforts at communication and bribes with the best bread of them all ( MATS) they will not give us a tow. This resulted in Heidi, Sam and Mat diving in at 4000 meters deep and giving Piccolo a good old push along, managing a healthy 1.6 knots Woohoo, Who needs wind.
Today we are under motor again, with little westerly winds to push us along, making 8 knots with a little bit of super current helping us along.
Itinerary for the azores,
Monday - Bar and Meat
Tuesday - Bar and Meat
Wednesday - Bar and Meat
thursday - Leave and no more Meat ( sad faces)
All action packed, even Sam and Mat will be able to see the Manchester united match, so all is happy, happy.