Eventful day onboard

Andrew Yates
Thu 14 May 2009 19:18
Hi Hi,
Today was exciting and chilled as most days onboard; sunshine, sea creatures great and small, gourmet lunch and some lounging.
Throughout the night we had more flying fish diving to their death unless saved by Sam or Matt on time after hearing Heidi or my cry for help, poor little guys are now been used for bait. Other then that we spent the night searhing for wind maybe, maybe not, maybe north maybe northeast, come on the westerlys...
Woke up this morning to tack, a big event and a little disorientating. The wind is just not going in the direction we want and need, as I write this we have finally given up and are now motoring again. Lovely sunshine again though a little more overcast today or it may be that sail now shielding us from the rays. Judging by the clouds and Instant Weather Forecasting by Mr. Alan Watts we are in for more of the same as we discussed over breakfast, nothing about wind direction though.
At 8am dolphins joined us for a while but didn't stay long we were not moving fast enough for them so see ya later guys.
On the 10am watch huge whales were spoted behind us about 3 miles away but the splash would indicate they were big, humpback whales Heidi thought as we saw them broach right out of the water.  We waited for them to resurface but 20 minutes, 40 minutes past and then when we had given up up they popped up again way ahead of us, they're fast.
Tacking, Dophins, Whales what next ...we caught a fish ureka! Dilligent Matt and Sam had put fishing tackle out at 6am, on the ball guys. Delicious lunch by Heidi of fresh fish of course which was caught and eaten in an hour, you can't get much fresher than that. The poor fishys head is now out the back and tackle, waste not want not. 
Thats all for now folks, tune in again tomorrow who knows what excitment it will bring..
Byebye from the big brother boat....xx