Twist the night away

Andrew Yates
Mon 1 Dec 2008 11:47
Good news in that the carrot seems to have resolved the water ingress problems. Firing on all cylinders but looking for the wind. So much so that just before the end of the 12-3 am shift we managed to wrap the kite around the forstay. Scissor stone and paper the game of the day resulted in Jack going up the mast at 3:30 in the morning to free everything. Fortunately no real damage so that Matt's sewing class was short.
On the next watch Matt and Nick spent a couple of hours negotiating around a super tanker.
Scissor, stone and paper also used to decide who got the last bacon roll. Matt of course won.
Still no fish as the crew have spruced up this morning, cheered by the news that we ae not the boat furthest from St Lucia. Ben has been given a lesson in contemporary history as Andrew and Nick recall their early childhood. Is the assinaation of John Kennedy history or modern politics, discuss! Answer in a sort e-mail.