N 42 01 W 022 04

Andrew Yates
Sun 31 May 2009 11:53
Piccolo moves on in a direct route and under sail.  With winds gusting 30knts and a steady 15-20 knts we should be home for supper.
Onboard activity has been quietish with the choppy seas and grey skies keeping crew in beds with their books and a fair amount of 'checking the back of the eyelids' going on.  Food has been good and Katie is being persuaded to work her way through the rivita she requested and give the chocolate a break.  Heidi did her best to lose one of her fingers to the fishes but Mat made a dashing rescue and alas the fishes went hungry.  Mat then showed off his first aid skills with the assistance of a first aid kit. Sam it appears hasn't done anything lazy so and so.  Dolphins have been a plenty and Katie saw a whale on her watch and an exhausted turtle was seen battling the waves.
Mat is chef for the day and has talked a good menu which the crew are ready to show their appreciation for.  Tomorrow is bank holiday which we are all looking forward to as well as the four day week.