Do Us a Favour Neptune - N46 57 W 012 20

Andrew Yates
Wed 3 Jun 2009 13:01
Good afternoon Piccolo fans,
Today finds Piccolo with 9 knots of wind from the east, the humming of the motor from the stern and the sweet smell of vegetables roasting in the oven (port side of boat for those interested).
Progress has been hampered by the weather, yesterday saw some motoring, some sailing and some motor sailing.  Yes, we are multi talented people and can do it all.  Sadly what we can't do is bring wind and seas that would aid us in our chase for a Saturday landing but with the amount of praying to Neptune being done (except Sam who has been praying to Venus as he is a little confused sometimes, although he insists that payers of any kind will help) we should get a good day or two soon and paint Cowes red on Saturday night.
Yesterday brought us Chef Katie with her 'Grande Sandwiche Luttuce' for lunch, a 'Pasta Marvelosso' for dinner with a desert of 'Sublime Fruits of the Tin Crumble'.  The crumble was the nuts, topped with muesli and covered in cream it filled any corners the Piccolo crew had left.
Today is the turn of Chef Heidi and so far the lunch has filled crew and the smell of the vegetables in the oven is returning them rapidly to a state of hunger.  Mat is off to do a sun dance as grey is dull, Katie is sleeping her way to Cowes and Sam is.. well.. probably praying to some god of something not so useful and therefore wasting time... not that we have much time on our hands though is it........