Having a great weekend

Sun 9 Dec 2007 14:10
Day 15 – Sunday

A good night sailing – we managed an average of 7 knots with good winds
and the genoa fully out. Charlie came across a cruise liner and one other
yacht in the night otherwise it was just us. We attempted to watch a
movie in the cockpit but the wind drowned out the sound and a wave dumped
on us – it’s amazing how inconvenient the Atlantic can be just when you’re
trying to relax! The PC seems to have survived the salt water and the
missile projection across the cabin, perhaps we should switch our company
policy back to Dell!! Charlie cooked a pasta dish which was great, and a
change from the scrambled eggs he cooked in the morning which turned out
green thanks to the top of the oregano coming off into the saucepan – they
tasted ok though. A big wave dumped on Charlie in the night completing
soaking him and flooding the cockpit – he was glad to be wearing his
harness as everything else was sucked off the back of the boat including
the horseshoe buoy. Mark has lost his ipod first of all it was flooded
and now it has disappeared behind his wardrobe in his cabin never to be
seen again. Everyone is feeling positive, Charlie has yet another new ETA
which we all discuss on a daily basis… We keep an hourly log of our
position, distance run, pressure and wind speed, hardly gripping reading…
but useful if our instruments fail. If you want to have a wager at home,
we have 813nm to go, we’re doing around 6 knots and it is currently 1340
on 9th December – you do the maths!

Was going to add a photo but it kept crashing.