Fancy a bet?

Tue 11 Dec 2007 01:24

So it’s a few days to go now, time to start betting on when we’ll cross
the line. Great prizes (see below), you just need to email me at mike dot
elms at (I can’t put the actual email address as it might get
spammed on the web but the format is firstname {DOT} lastname {CHANGE TO AT} gmail {DOT} com) with
the date and time you think we will cross the line. Here are some hints:

Currently we have 565nm to go to St Lucia approaches plus about 3 miles to
the finish.
It is 0100 (UTC – UK time) as I write on Tuesday 10th December.
In the last 24 hours we have averaged 176 nautical miles with East winds
of 15-20 knots. With these winds we should be able to maintain this speed
but the last time I checked they were due to ease…. If you’re really keen
you can check the weather!
Our current position is Latitude 16.15.98 N Longitude 51.20.72 W.
The wind is almost dead behind us to we're steering a fairly straight course.

The winner will get a bottle of the finest St Lucian rum OR a Fray Bentos
pie (while stocks last…which they may well do as we caught a fish today!

Good luck!