The Big’un is caught!

Tue 11 Dec 2007 07:42
The Big’un is caught!

Well well well , who would have believed it! Finally after 16 days at sea
and during a vitally important round of Trivial Pursuit we did it! Mr
Dorado finally took the bate but didn’t take the line and everything else
for a change. We got ‘im!

‘which sports personality was banned from driving on the M40 in 2002’ came
the question…I ummed and arred mmmmm ‘was it …..’ then without any
warning all hell broke loose behind the boat. Splashing furiously and
darting all over the place Mr Dorado had come to pay a visit.

We dived across the cockpit with whops of joy and started to carefully
bring in the line on the end of which was this most magnificent fish. The
improvised line was holding, the knots were strong and gradually the fight
took place. Charlie V’s Mr Dorado. One minute we were winning the next
the fish was fighting back taking all the line.

Gradually we managed to bring him along side where Mike was ready with
gloves, gin, and a knife. Mark took some sails down to reduce speed and we
were ready to go...

One, two, three and flip….onto the boat the fighting monster came. Round
and round the cockpit he went with Mike in hot pursuit! Then bam… Mike
wrestled him to the floor and there he was….. our beautiful Dorado.

After a big clean up (the mess was everywhere) Mike gutted and prepared
the fish for dinner and a late Sushi lunch.

The most delicious feast of the trip - the tinned curry had to wait for
another night!

522 miles and counting……