Day 15 - the 'big'un'

Mon 10 Dec 2007 03:06
The big’un got away dam dam dam!!! One of the best days so far raised
spirits high enough for the Ondina boys to try a hand at fishing again.
With slightly calmer seas than before, a warm (actually 30 degrees warm)
breeze, there was no better time than to get those lines out and dream of
tuna Sushi!

Hour after hour went by as I held the line to be quick with the
strike…..and then hour after hour continued with Mark joining me watching
the lines from slightly more comfortable positions sunbathing in the
cockpit. (Mike, ye ol’ skipper, continued to count sheep from his

……still nothing but not a heart beat was missed…. watching watching
watching…where are those blighters??, is our line right?? Are we going too
fast? Are we going too slowly?? Are the lures the right size? we waited,
and waited and waited……. tick tick tick tick tick tick……..

then suddenly out of the blue the cry went up from Mark…. Line Line
line…..I rushed forward….excited and determined to land this one….but it
was too late, ‘the big’un’ had got away with hook, line and
sinker…everything! Dam dam dam…..

Now with only a reserve short line left and a mixture of spare old ropes (
sorry Mike..sheets!) we hastily put together a new tempting proposition
for our sea friends…dust has now fallen so only tomorrow will tell if this
new rather ‘Heath Robinson’ like outfit will work. Nothing will dent the
fishing ambitions of the Ondina boys…

It is now 1am, the wind and rain is back bringing that glorious sea that
throws us around with no regard…stomachs are fragile again and sleep thin
on the ground….its back to reality…728 miles and counting, counting