Day 6

Fri 30 Nov 2007 13:10
Day 6 - 23:01N 24:11W

Quite an eventful night, as at 1130pm we came across a ship which appeared
to be stationary. Charlie was on watch and woke Mark. We flashed a light
in our sails and then at its bridge before getting a response – they
flashed back so we spoke on the radio. He was surprised to see us as he
had not picked us up no his radar despite our having a radar reflector.
It shows that you cannot rely on the reflectors, and that I suspect that
commercial ships may only watch their radar screens rather than looking
out the window! He turned out to be a 48,000 tonner on route to Germany
so we would have come off worst if Charlie hadn’t altered course… Other
boat news, one other boat has been boarded by refugee immigrants
presumably from Senegal and a Spanish navy ship is on the way. One other
boat had a cooking accident and the crew member has been evacuated to
another ship – however it’s only good news we’re pleased to say on Ondina,
and we have just crossed the Tropic of Cancer. Fishing lines are out but
nothing on the end of them yet. Charlie and Mark saw basking sharks and
we saw a water spout in a squall yesterday. The wind has picked up today
so we now making good progress under the gennaker doing about 7 knots at
last! Mark cooked delicious bangers and mash last night setting a new
culinary highpoint which Charlie promises to beat tonight as we continue
to eat our fresh food. We’re managing our water supplies well, each day
we each have litre and half bottle with our names on them so that we can
monitor our intake. Our fresh water tank remains full as we cook and wash
up in salt water. Charlie’s beard is coming on well and Mark and I are
becoming experts in the duvet business thanks to long nights with Charlie!