Sun 25 Nov 2007 13:49
Mark, 40mins after start. Increadible start, 20knots of wind from the
north, over 200 boats jockying for position. 5mins from start we put up
the asymmetic (big sail) Looking around we were the only fools trying this
and we were almost out of control, still it made our coarse easier to
steer as all the other boats decided we were to dangerous to get close to
and a beutifully clear path openned up for us.
The sky is blue, the sea is blue and the wind perfect, we are averaging
about 8knots for the first couple of miles, sitting in the cockpit writing
this, just had emotional phone call home. We are all very wired at the
moment. Keeping up with and sometimes overtaking the bigger and supposedly
faster boats. 2755 miles to go!