'musn't grumble'

Tue 27 Nov 2007 04:41
Mark. I’ve never actually been sea sick, well that was true up until
yesterday. After the elation of the start and the great sailing, yesterday
was a much more sombre day. We knew the first three or four days would be
like this, but its still quite difficult to get through, the wind has
dropped a little and we should have been making more sail changes, but the
sickness we have all been experiencing has bred lethargy. It is difficult
to summon the energy to go forward to tackle sails. Charlie managed to
cook a pizza yesterday which on the whole stayed in our stomachs long
enough to be digested, and Mike and I had porridge for breakfast, although
Mike had the pleasure of me throwing up only feet away from him whilst he
ate his. I think we are pulling through now and I see the odd empty
yoghurt carton sitting around so our appetites must be returning, although
our enthusiasm for washing up is still missing!
But we can’t complain, we’ve left Keith back in Las Palmas; Keith is a
chap in his 50s who was injured in a car accident a few years ago and lost
both his memory and the use of his left arm, he is currently sailing
en-route from England to St Lucia and then back again literally single
handed, his boat is new and has a lot of things wrong, battery charger
broken and bow thruster packed up, on top of all that he suffers sea
sickness too!
4.23am sitting in the cockpit writing this and a huge cruise ship has just
sailed past about 500 yards away, I think he slowed down for a look at us,
I imagined all the passengers partying on board, then realised its 4am.
You do lose a sense of time on board, time now comes in 3 hour chunks, on
watch or asleep, that about sums it up at the moment.