24 hr to go

Thu 13 Dec 2007 08:55
14:50N 57:48W

Well it’s 5.30am local time and we’ve got about 24 hours to go which will
mean a night land fall which always make life interesting! Amazingly
we’ve still seen no lights tonight from other boats, I had expected that
this close there might be a bit more traffic – perhaps we are heading for
the wrong island, we’ll find out soon enough! Charlie caught another
dorado yesterday, a real beauty which he then prepared for the pot, our
penultimate dinner out in the cockpit. None of us are going to miss the
rolling, as even with our sea legs firmly in place it is quite impossible
to move around the boat without grabbing hand holds as you go. There
will be lots that we do miss; the solitude of the night watch, the amazing
night sky and stars, surfing down huge waves – the log recorded us surfing
at over 15 knots yesterday which must be a record for this boat. It never
ceases to amaze me how these big waves loom up from behind and somehow
disappear beneath the stern of the boat. Occasionally one gets you wet,
but it’s never the one you expect. I’ve seen so many shooting stars
tonight, I really have run out of wishes… I’m about to hand over to Mark
for his watch, still no boats around, so nothing to report and just a
couple of hundred miles to go, just like crossing the Channel a few