It's hot, hot, hot

Wed 12 Dec 2007 04:26
15.32.17N 54.29.68W

We’re in the tropics and it’s hot, 30 degrees. The cabins are especially
hot at night so it’s good to get some air on watch where at least there is
a breeze. I forgot to mention a closing date for our BIG PRIZES draw for
guessing the time/date across the finishing line (see earlier blog). It’s
tonight, 12th December at midnight UK time. No more clues except to say
that the boat has had a record 24hr run in its history of 180nm and we’re
sailing hard – but who knows, it might be dead calm tomorrow…

Thanks for the ¾ way presents. Books from J (great timing as our reading
is getting a bit thin on the ground), spices from Thandi (great for
livening up Mr Tesco’s curry), a recording of Toby on a clock (made me
smile) and mens personal grooming products from Tracy (we can take the
hint!). Talking of grooming, we gave the boat a once over yesterday with
lots of salt water and soap and even washed a few clothes.

No boats tonight so far on watch. Charlie had a squall and reefed down
and got soaked with the heavy rain. It’s amazing how quickly they come
and go, the whole thing was over in 15 mins and now it’s a lovely star
filled sky again. I might have to reef too as the wind is certainly
blowing and we don’t want to get there too soon!