Damon Hill

Tue 11 Dec 2007 05:20
Someone very kindly bought us a bite size Trivial Pursuit game for the
boat, we have enjoyed playing this in the evenings and yesterday played it
once more: we have completed all the cards at least once round now (even
taking into account those cards that are put back on the wrong side of the
pack) and to Charlie’s annoyance I kept getting repeat questions, I think
due to the absence of normal everyday brain clutter out here, I was able
to remember all the answers, adding to Charlie’s consternation. I shall
now never forget that Damon Hill got a speeding ticket on the M4 in 2003
and that John Paul II was the first Pope from a communist country. Now
Charlie’s intolerance to my amazing powers of recall were not confined to
him, I also was less likely to be heard saying ‘Oh go on, I’ll give you
that one, your answer was close enough’, than when we played previously,
but that’s because the mood of the boat was down yesterday, and that’s how
it goes, interestingly our individual moods seem to have melded into one
single ‘Boat mood’. But in a flash the mood lightened dramatically as
Charlie caught his fish (I’ll let him tell you about the fish in his entry
later) The effect of this mood swing was vary apparent, big smiles
replaced grimaces and lethargy was banished from the boat. An Ipod was
connected to the speakers and Christmas tunes were broadcast, for a sing a
long, although why anybody would think that Cliff Richard singing the
Lords Prayer was a good selection to put on their Ipod, I do not
understand? Guess who that was? answers on a postcard to…but you know it
wasn’t my beautifully designed tiny Nano, as this is still irretrievably
lost in the fabric of the boat forever, although it was touch and go if it
was ever going to work again after being drenched when a bit of Atlantic
came in an open galley hatch, PG tips monkey and little bear got a soaking
as well, but they’ve made a full recovery! I imagine that in thirty years
time Bert and Harry will be breaking the now defunct boat up into pieces
when they will come across it, I can hear Harry now, ‘Hey look Bert, look
what I’ve found, remember these, an Ipod Nano, look its enormous!’