Day 4 - early

Wed 28 Nov 2007 03:54
Position: 24:44.97N 19:13.56W

It’s 3.40am and I’m on watch so I thought I take this opportunity to do
the blog. We’re all fine but still plagued by seasickness which makes you
feel so useless. We’re beginning to eat a bit and keep it down and are
drinking water but it’s an effort. I’m sure it will pass though.
Otherwise all else is fine. The boat is going well, no problems or
breakages touch wood. The winds have been light today, so we have had the
twin headsails up, we should really put up the gennaker (like a spinnaker)
and will do tomorrow if the winds remain light. We’re making about 4-5
knots which is not enough to achieve our 18 day passage aim, but I’m sure
we’ll pick up speeds when we’re in the proper trades and start flying
again as we did at the start, achieving over 13knots surfing down a wave.
Right now there is another yacht about 1 mile to our port, I just see
their green light, otherwise I think that this is the first boat we’ve
seen all day. It’s getting warm as we head south, so far having covered
360 miles heading SW, our course is currently 245 degrees. Our next way
point is just under 700 miles away, which we have called Atlantic 1 – it’s
an imaginary point in the sea but it gives us something to aim for!
Haven’t opened any of the presents yet, will save them for a quarter of
the way!! Mike.