24:19N 20:21W

Wed 28 Nov 2007 17:35
Day 4

Blog from all of us as we sit in the cockpit enjoying the evening sun and
now feeling much better having found our sea legs. We even did full clean
of the boat this morning, put up new sails (gennaker) and have had a
reasonable passage today doing between and 5 and 6 knots. We may not be
quite as far forward as the ARC position reports due to a typing error in
the small hours by our seasick captain – sorry!! However, he is making
amends by cooking a delicious mince hot pot for supper and tomorrow
Charlie promises to catch our first sushi… We have only seen one yacht
today on a slightly different course so it was hard to say who was
winning! Mike and Mark have shaved for the first time and Charlie’s beard
is growing thicker by the day, the old sea dog! Appetites have returned
with a vengeance and we cut the first slices of our Serrano ham today to
the beat of Jack Johnson from Mark’s ipod. However, now that we are able
to focus more on the chart it has dawned us that there is a very long to
go and we’re a bit frustrated by the light winds. Hopefully the real
trades will blow in the next few days as we head South. Perhaps we’re
cutting the corner too fine by effectively taking the middle route across.
Weather lovely now, quite hot so we have put the bimini to provide shade
in the cockpit.