Rio Diablo

Ocean Rainbow
James (Skipper) & Claire (best crew in the world)
Thu 4 Feb 2016 23:03

09.26.637N 078.34.920W

After a fabulous 4 days on our deserted island we moved on to Rio Diablo and the town of Nargana joined with the island of Corazon de Jesus.   We went ashore and explored, finding some fruit and veg and wonderful fresh bread.   The Gunas here still lead a very simple life but it is one with radio and TV and the majority of folk have adopted western style dress … no internet though!   We took a dinghy ride (negotiating our way through sandbanks, shallows and sunken logs) up the Rio Diablo to the source of the island’s fresh water.   The water is transported from a clear pool in 50 gallon drums (for those with wooden boats and outboard engines) and 10 gallon drums (if you only have a dugout canoe).   We saw some boats with women doing the laundry in the drums on the trip up the river and then rinsing the clothes in the fresh water just below the water collection pool before returning down the river with their clean clothes.  A very simple life.