Squally day, stormy night - Day 15

Ocean Rainbow
James (Skipper) & Claire (best crew in the world)
Sun 5 Jan 2014 12:55
15.11.113N 057.40.110W
Correction to yesterday’s blog....not every wave goes under Ocean Rainbow’s stern!!  Whilst adjusting Humphrey, a gi-huge wave hit OR’s stern and gave James an impromtu shower.  Luckily we had the washboard in as we had 8 ins of water in the cockpit; however it soon drained away and we continued on, with squall after squall advancing from the east.  We shortened sail and even so were pushed along at 7-9 knots at times.  With the darkness came even stronger winds with gusts at 45 knots +, however the huge benefit of night sailing is you cannot see the waves coming...and Claire got her turn for a dousing as well!!  We had more rain throughout the night but at dawn it cleared up and we are sailing on with a bright sunny morning and abated winds.  Now have 190nm to go with an eta at Martinique of Mon night/Tues morning.