Made it - Day 17 (2075nm in 16.5 days)

Ocean Rainbow
James (Skipper) & Claire (best crew in the world)
Tue 7 Jan 2014 17:45
14.25.709N 060.53.494W
After 2075 nm, 17 days at sea, averaging over 5kts and with a daily runrate of around 125 miles.  We have survived 45 knot winds, massive seas and seriously lumpy waves...and we are still talking to each other - morale is high.
Impressions: vast, empty ocean; enormous waves; beautiful starry nights; spectacular clouds; scary squalls and even more scary lightning; lunatic behaviour of flying fish; an ever changing seascape.
Just existing day-to-day in such rolly conditions is a huge effort and every little chore takes twice as long and requires more strength than on dry land.  We have been in a continuous state of motion, even when asleep!!  As we are Ocean-crossing virgins, we did not know what to expect but we have not been disappointed by the challenge.  Ocean Rainbow has been outstanding and has never given us cause for concern, Humphrey Hydrovane has been awesome and Victor Volvo has charged our batteries when more than just solar power was required.  And we have done the whole crossing using just our Yankee foresail.  
Next Steps:  Slap up celebration dinner with Jon and chill out big time!