Eventful Day - Day 9

Ocean Rainbow
James (Skipper) & Claire (best crew in the world)
Mon 30 Dec 2013 13:04
16.45.118N 045.07.531W
Sunday turned out to be an eventful day. After a sunny start and with the wind dropping, we decided to hoist the Cruising Chute; but whilst adjusting it, Claire got her wrist trapped between the spinnaker sheet & guard rail.  At first we thought that something had been broken, but very fortunately it is another case of severe bruising – from wrist to forearm.  After first aid, painkillers and Arnica, Claire retired to a bunk but was later sufficiently recovered to advise James on cooking supper: Chilli con Carne without rice (rice considered too technical) but with the newly baked bread (from Claire’s morning baking session).  We also managed to fatally damage the spinnaker pole as one of the sheets (we think) caught on the “jaw release” tie and pull the whole thing apart at both ends – springs and bolts went over the side!!  Still, we did not want  to pole out the Yankee, anyway!  Other than that James lost another lure: Fish 6 - James 0. .....but hope has not been totally vanquished and another ‘killer lure’ was sent out to battle.  Result so far – zilch.  We talked to a cargo ship in the middle of the night (8 miles distant) and this morning, as dawn broke Hecla reappeared on our AIS - after a 1000 miles of sailing we were about a mile apart!  So far, so good on the Atlantic passage.