Ilha do Sal at last

Ocean Rainbow
James (Skipper) & Claire (best crew in the world)
Sat 30 Nov 2013 18:06
16.45.195N 022.58.811W
After 9 days hard sailing we eventually made into the anchorage at Palmeira, Ilha do Sol, Cape Verdes, this morning!!  We covered 770 miles but with the current included we probably travelled nearer 800nm!! And we arrived in 40 knot winds that hit us in the middle of the night, luckily we had just taken Red Passion down.  So we are both just a tad tired at the moment; plus James nearly had a heart attack when hit on the back by a flying fish in the dark!!  Claire calculated we did about 60 sail changes.  Another Brit 45 footer also took 9 days from Tenerife, so we don’t feel too bad about our slow boat to Sal.