What would you like to eat on your Birthday?

Lady Corinne
iain and gaynor macalister
Fri 26 Feb 2010 00:07
Good Morning from a sun drenched Clifton harbour on Union Island and
thanks for all my various Birthday Greetings. We spent my Birthday as our
last day in Tobago Cays and did the usual things like snorkeling off the
reef. Brigante's crew had gone over to the nearest island,which is
actually the one we are on now, with one of the boat boys. Shortly after
they returned the VHF crackled into life with an International rendition
of the Birthday song. They then told me that they had bought, wait for it!
3 lobsters and asked where we would like to eat as they had planned a
Birthday meal for me. Such a lovely surprise and I was so excited, we
chose LadyC and they said they would prepare everything and be over at
20.00. They arrived in their dingy with a complete floating
party,including a feast, lobster cooked 3 different ways, Caribbean style,
Italian and Catalan, chilled white wine from Sardinia Rum and side dishes
and 4 party people. We had dug out the Christmas box that Zara sent us
and were able to decorate the saloon with party hats whistles and a couple
of party poppers. We had a fabulous evening that included presents for me
and a beautiful conch shell for Gaynor. Sadly they were moving on the
next day but we hope we'll meet up again somewhere. They left us around
12.30 and made a wobbly wake as they headed home all singing Happy
Birthday at the top of their voices.
We also left the following morning and headed to Petite Martinique where
we anchored off the very pretty beach. We had asked another UK boat about
the condition of the seabed for anchoring as we came past him on the way
in and shortly after we were dug in Paul came over to greet us. We invited
him aboard and chatted for a while and then Gaynor and I set off in search
of an ice cold beer. We went to a small bar right on the beach and after
a short time Jeff, who had come alongside to say how lovely LadyC looked
in Tobago Cays, walked in and asked if we'd like to join him and his
girlfriend. Apparently he had just been telling her about the boat he'd
seen in the Cays and 10 minutes later we arrived and dropped the anchor
right in front of where they were sitting. He has built 3 boats on the
beach in P.M. and now lives on one of them that he uses to provide day
charters to the guests on neighboring Petite St. Vincent, taking them to
the Cays and dive sites. We stayed with them for dinner and enjoyed the
sight of our boat looking spectacular as the sun set behind her. The
following day we walked all around the island, realising that we'd been
here before, and in the evening we motored the short distance to P.S.V and
anchored off the jetty. Jeff had suggested that we come over as I wanted
to see aboard his boat "Beauty". It is a private island which has 22
chalets spread around but you can walk the beach and go for a drink in the
bar, provided it's not full of their residents. Walking up to the
bar/restaurant I realised that we had anchored here 5 years ago and walked
all around. As it was out of season at that time the resort was closed and
empty. I remember how strange it felt as it was obvious how grand the
place was but it was deserted and felt a bit like I imagine it must have
been to find the Marie Celeste. Jeff greeted us in the bar and introduced
us to the crew of a large motor yacht that keeps popping up everywhere we
go, The lady Captain and the chef are both from the UK. The next morning
we went to have a look at Beauty and as Jeff was going away for a few days
he gave us the contents of his fridge, 6 sirloin steaks, 6 chicken breasts
and a cooked roastbeef though, thankfully, no lobster. Gaynor started the
day with 2 steaks and we put the rest in the fridge. Leaving P.S.V. we
had a good sail over to Union Island as we realised we hadn't checked out
of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. On arrival we met up with Paul again
and his companion Lin and spent a very pleasant evening with them in the
Yacht Club consuming way too much alcohol and staggering back, via dingy,
to our boats, such a nice lifestyle. Tomorrow morning we're heading off to
Cariacou and then Grenada but at the moment we're preparing to head off to
a tiny little island just offshore where there is a small bar to enjoy

Hasta La Proxima Isla

Ladyc and her very well fed crew!