49:48.286N 005:16.209W

Lady Corinne
iain and gaynor macalister
Sat 8 Aug 2009 16:49
What a difference a day makes! We're sitting in the cockpit on a glorious sunny morning, just motoring out past the manacles rocks, out of Falmouth, and blighty will soon be slipping away behind us as we head west towards the Scillies.    As we didn't have a lot of time before we left Chi this part of the trip has been very much a shakedown and there have been a lot of small but annoying things to sort out - I'm pleased to say everything is working well and the problem with the gear selection system has been fixed, this will be very much enjoyed by all the other boats around as I might be able to arrive and depart under some sort of control.  15 knots of South Westerly wind should mean a good sail once we get past the Lizzard peninsula.  I can't wait, this morning we went to the fuel barge and took on another 165 litres of diesel.  I was beginning to wonder if the guy who sold me the boat had turned me over and maybe Lady C is a motor boat.  
We had a big problem with Tristan yesterday, I had to speak to him as he was using the handheld VHF radio as some sort of lonely hearts tool and kept trying to call up the babes he spotted on the boats around him in the Marina,after our chat he went off muttering under his breath,  We didn't see him for ages and we were getting worried that he had jumped ship.   After what seemed like an age I found him (see pic) and eventually we managed to coax him back on board with the promise of soft boiled eggs and soldiers!    Brian & Wendy  thanks so much for the eggs, if only we had eggcups on board.  They say every cloud has a silver lining and the incident with Tristan has given us a great idea for a game we can play when we get bored,though I'm not sure how hide and seek will work on a small boat.   Tristan couldn't resist the fishing tackle shops in Falmouth after trawling his line for 170 miles and catching absolutely nothing on the way here.   We now have Dexter Delure hung out astern and a whole new chapter in the annals of fishing history is about to be written.  Gaynor has now been removed from the end of  his line where she was hooked for a while,  We can put the sails up now so we all bid you a fond Farewell for now xxxxx