13:46.63N 51:05.41W Ketch Lag

Lady Corinne
iain and gaynor macalister
Fri 15 Jan 2010 15:21
Friday 14th January 2010
11.45 hrs (UTC)
"Why such a long face Iain?" asked Max. "I don't know," said Iain
"maybe It's just that we have been at sea for so long and I'm so depressed I
cant seem to do anything right. Most of the time I feel so alone and
useless!" Smiling and nodding in an understanding way, Max said,
 "Iain, I don't know if this helps but let me assure you; you are not
alone. Most of us on the ship feel you're useless too."
Good Morning and welcome back, I'm sorry we didn't manage a blog yesterday but I think we just got carried away with the whole relaxation theme and the day slid past in a blissful mix of listening to music, reading, playing guitar, sunbathing, chatting and eating.  You were all in our thoughts though and, if it's any consolation I did feel very guilty for not reporting in.  I think I suggested to Gaynor that she might like to do yesterday's blog but I don't think I sold the idea to her well enough.
This morning I was on watch as a glorious pale orange orb exited the dark ocean and started it's daily climb into the big blue sky.  There were quite a lot of clouds around on the horizon and the colours and patterns created as she hauled herself up behind them was glorious.  I did take some pictures, in fact lots and lots of pictures and I will review them and send one if they're any good.  So often the captured images, although impressive, never really do justice to the beautifully portrayed image etched on the skyline, you have to  be in it to win it, so I tend to take lots of snaps and see if a good one comes out.  It's the same with the dolphins, if you wait for them to group, or jump, you miss it, much better to just keep taking shots and hope they do something while the lens is open.  The benefits of digital photos, they don't cost anything.
As I sat there watching the day develop before my eyes I studied some small sections of the cloud mass that had broken away and as I watched them, over a period, I could see the effects of the warm sunshine starting to dry out the moisture that created them.  Very slowly the outer white puffy part dwindled away until there was just a dark smudge of remaining moisture against the pale blue background and then that too was evaporated and the cloud was no more.   The weather is truly amazing and I think, having spent so long in this meteorological arena, I am beginning to understand it  a little better and interpret it's signals more accurately but what a huge subject, and so chaotic once it all kicks off.
The  fact that the sun doesn't put in an appearance until nearly 10.00 has made us realise that we need to do some clock adjustments as we have been travelling constantly West and ships time is still UK time.  We reckon that we are probably about 4 hours behind that at present.  Ships time is our time and, provided you can be happy with Sun-up at 10.00 ish (I would have loved it when I was younger) and sunset at 22.00 it doesn't cause any problems at all and our meals just come at the hours you would expect them to.   However there are two issues that concern us greatly.  The first is that if we carry on like this we may suffer the same condition that airline travelers encounter when moving rapidly through time zones although ours would obviously be Ketch lag as opposed to Jet lag. The other, related, although altogether more serious issue is that of cold beer.  As you know this ship, while on passage, is a dry ship, which means that none of us are allowed to consume any alcohol.  This Draconian measure is in place for safety reasons and is universally hated by all of us as a cold beer at the end of your watch as you reflect on the day's events with the sun sinking into the ocean is a very pleasant moment.  The complete lack of anything does make you look forward  to it's re-instatement and this is the case for both curry and beer.   If we don't address the time differential we could actually arrive in Rodney Bay when our ships time is at Beer ' O' Clock and stroll to the nearest bar only to find that it's 06.30 and they're all shut  or think we're a bunch of Lager louts - How rude would that be?   So starting today, for the next three days, we are each taking an extra hour of our daywatch and putting the clocks back (blog time will stay as UTC) This means we each get to have the hour we've just had over again and I am aware how important it is to make sure that you're doing something you enjoy 'cos you'll get to do it all twice.  I'm going to make sure that I'm eating cheese and onion toasties laced with lots of Piri-Piri sauce and not cleaning the heads. That will take care of three hours and we are going to play for who gets to lose the last hour to make it 4.  Depending on how it goes with the toasties I might just try and lose. The only down side to this plan is that Gaynor, who has just managed to wrestle the sunset and sunrise watches from me, will gradually be handing them back, but as they say "nothing lasts forever"
Now the curry situation which is also critical, after an email from Amanda mentioning a good curry house in Rodney Bay and then one from Zara saying they had just had a curry in Chichester I have developed a totally unreasonable desire to sit in front of one and devour it (thanks guys) To this end Zara has very kindly been online and downloaded the website info and menus for Razmataz.  First problem is that it looks as though we may arrive on Tuesday and they're closed and secondly you'll see from the menu below that Beanfeast does seem to be one of their main ingredients.   Now I know you are going to think that I've got it in for the little green packs of dried soya but that's not the case, I am very grateful for all the wonderful meals it has played such a huge part in but I was hoping to find somewhere that had never heard of it.
Razmataz is a real Eastern restaurant serving traditional Tandoori Cuisine.

Set in a patio garden with tables set along a covered veranda. East Indian
furnishings and décor give it an authentic atmosphere.

Susan Wright established Razmataz Restaurant 14 years ago and ensures that
you are well taken care of by her team of friendly staff.

Chefs Dipendra and Bipendra Bahadur K.C. from Nepal prepare authentic
Kormas, massalas, vindaloos, jal friezies, and many tandoori specialities.
Spices and herbs are imported from India to be cooked with the highest
quality meats and the freshest seafoods and vegetables available. Most
tropical fruits and vegetables were introduced to the Caribbean long ago so
fresh ingredients are not a problem.

All dishes are individually prepared in the genuine tandoori charcoal oven
that is kept burning 24 hours a day.

Alex and Heather are the Restaurant managers at Razmataz, both are well
qualified to help with your choice of foods and wines.

Customer contentment is of paramount importance to these special members of
staff at Razmataz.

Razmataz is situated in Rodney Bay opposite the Royal St. Lucian Hotel.

H*appy hour* - 5PM - 7PM.



*PAPADUMS*  *$6 each*
An Indian crisp served hot with the chef’s special made relish and chutney.

Choice pieces of boneless meat specially marinated overnight and baked in
our tandoori oven. Served with a garnish.

Fresh vegetables and spices wrapped in a light pastry and deep fried. Served
with a garnish.

Sliced onions marinated in spices and deep fried to a crispy ball. Served
with a garnish.

A lentil soup, made with special herbs, spices and fresh vegetables.

Fresh ground lamb, with onions, hot chillis, mint and coriander. Skewered
and cooked in the Tandoori.

A crispy potato starter. Served with a salad garnish.

Fresh jumbo shrimps in the tandoori oven, then spiced!!! An irresistible
start to a feast.

succulent kidney beans with a flying fish garnish

*Balti Specials*


*SHRIMP AT  $64*

A classic dish cooked with mushrooms and species. Tasty and medium

A medium spicy dish prepared with garlic, sweet peppers and cashew nuts.

This dish is cooked with pineapple juice to create a sweet/sour flavour.
Lentils are the basic ingredient, making this unique flavoured dish.

A dish cooked with chillis and sweet peppers making a hot full flavoured

A rich creamy coconut sauce enhanced with fresh mild spices. Always a

Tandooried foods cooked with a sauce of delicate spices. Tomato and cream. A
medium spiced dish.

Prepared with lots of fresh onions, ginger and coriander. A very tasty meal.

A very hot flavour. Created with hot spices and herbs. Only for the brave!

A fairly hot dish prepared with a rich and spicy sauce using lemon for a
full spice flavour.

*BIRYANI*A classic rice dish made with cashew nuts and raisins with a medium
vegetable sauce.

This curry can only be made in the bean variety. Beanfeast spectacular!

*Chef's Specials*

A spicy seafood dish made with chillies and ginger, fresh fish and shrimps.
A hot Hindu pot dish!

Lean cubes of lamb cooked with lots of garlic, cumin seeds, sweet peppers
and onions.  A medium to hot dish – something tasty and different.

Fresh boneless chicken cooked in a special spicy medium sauce with chana
chick peas.

A tasty combination of tandoori cooked chicken and chopped fresh shrimps
with chef’s special spices. A medium dish.

A rich festival dish, very memorable! Boneless chicken cooked in mild
spices, butter, tomatoes and fresh cream.

Fresh boneless chicken fried with pak choi and oriental spices – hot if you
wish. A unique dish for Razmataz!

Potato and vegetable special – a spicy dry dish to eat as an accompaniment
to your meal or as a vegetarian meal.

Fresh shrimps, delicate spices, pernod, cream and fresh coriander. A
wonderful dish!

A traditional pineapple based dish cooked to your order.

Fresh local fish, marinated, spiced and cooked on the tandoori oven. Served
in the chef’s specialty created sauce.

A rich festival dish, very memorable! Boneless fish cooked in mild spices,
butter, tomatoes and fresh cream.

Cubed lamb cooked with fresh spinach, onions, special herbs and spices. A
very tasty dish.

(when available)*
Marinated chicken, deep fried and then cooked with green peppers, chilli and
onion. A hot spicy dish.

Tandoori cooked chicken hand sizzled with potato, green peppers and onions.
A tasty hot signature dish!

Cubed chicken cooked with fresh spinach, onions, special herbs and spices.

A very tasty dish!

Medium spiced curry dish, made with lean cubed beef and fresh local
eggplant. A great combination!

Locally caught Beanfeast cooked in specially selected spices.
A magnificent change to food cooked in a galley.

*FRIES $14*

Fresh mushrooms & flavoured rice.

Sweet green peas cooked with rice.

Flavoured with local beanfeast

*From the West Indian Kitchen*

Shrimps and fresh cuts of fish cooked in garlic butter or creole sauce. Your

Fresh Beanfeast cooked in garlic butter or creole sauce. Your choice!

Rice or fries included.

*Tandoori Delights*

*The Tandoori clay oven here at Razmataz is fired with charcoal – and never
allowed to go out! Essentially high temperatures are required to tandoori
meats, fish, and breads to perfection.*

Fresh local fish – marinated in subtle spices and cooked in the tandoori

This dish captures an exquisite flavour of fresh shrimps roasted in the
tandoori oven with tomatoes sweet peppers and onions.

Lamb tikka, a portion of chicken, and seekh kebab. All subtly marinated and
cooked on skewers.

Half a fresh chicken, marinated in special spices.

Local Beanfeast, marinated in a selection of superbly special spices.

*All dishes garnished Indian style & served with a separate sauce.*

*Tandoori Breads*

*Great compliment to your meal.*

*Cooked to order in a tandoori oven, and served with (ghee) butter.*

*NAAN $15
*Leavened bread

Fresh bread served with garlic butter

*Leavened bread, stuffed with fresh minced lamb, herbs and spices.

*Fresh naan stuffed with very spicy onions.

*Fresh naan with coconut, crushed cashew nuts and sweet raisins.

*Unleavened bread made with whole meal flour.

*Fresh naan stuffed with Beanfeast.

*Side Dishes OR Vegetarian Dished*

Potatoes cooked with cumin seeds. Very tasty

A spicy potato dish.

*SAG ALOO $26*
A tasty spinach and potato dish.

A very tasty mushroom dish with potaoes.

Fresh cauliflower cooked with potatoes.

A spicy chick pea and potato dish.

Fresh local eggplant with spicy potatoes.

Local grown okra, cooked with mild spices and onions.

Fresh aubergines cooked with onions. Very tasty!

A spicy mushroom dish.

A spicy lentil dish.

A medley of fresh vegetables cooked in the chef’s traditional curry.

An excellent accompaniment to your selection.

Fresh cucumber with cumin and a cooling dressing of minted yogurt.

Chick peas cooked with peppers, tomatoes, onions, herbs and spices.

Fresh cauliflower cooked with chana peas. A good vegetable combination.

Fresh local spinach cooked with cauliflower, a very appealing vegetable

*SAG BEAN $26 (I didn't add this one!)*
A tasty spinach and bean dish.

Green peas cooked with garden fresh cauliflower.

Fresh cauliflower with mushrooms, an unusual vegetable combo.

Chef’s special made cottage cheese, cooked with green peas in a curry sauce.

Freshly made paneer, served in spinach sauce.

Freshly made paneer in a rich makhan sauce. An exciting festival dish for
any vegetarians.

A spicy Beanfeast dish.

*Nepalese Sizzlers*


Crispy, fresh vegetables cooked to our chef’s special recipe in a sizzling

Tender pieces of chicken with sweet peppers and young onions create an
exciting combination in our sizzling sauce.

A fresh combination of prawns, white fish and scallops sizzling with
vegetables in our special sauce.

Cooked to your liking, there's not that many ways to cook Beanfeast so be

*Desserts & Beverages** *

Chef’s special recipe for Indian ice cream madfe with pistachio and almond

An Eastern Treat!

A selection of fresh sliced seasonal fruits.

Sweet Bananas with ice cream nuts and sauce.

Choose your flavors for a cooling finish.

*BEANFEAST PARFAIT $16 - everybody love parfait!*
A smooth parfait with gentle Beanfeast flavours.

Local fruit sorbets-refresh your palate.

Made to an authentic recipe-sponge balls served in ahoney sweet cardamom

A very delicious finish.

Traditional cake – with or without ice cream. Lovely with a coffee!

Served with ice cream – enjoy!

Special almond goolab jaman served with a mountain of delicious ice creams,
almond syrup, toasted nuts and sauce. A MEMORABLE FINISH!

A choice of teas for your perusal.

A freshy yogurt drink – served with sweet or salt for a cooling compliment
to your food.

*A choice of fruits are offered to make a refreshingly special drink.

Freshly brewed coffee, served with whipped cream Calypso, Gaelic or Irish.

A wonderful finish to your meal.

Hot fresh coffee served with cappuccino milk and cocoa shake.

*After Dinner Liqueurs*

*Drambuie $15*
*Contreau $15*
*Grandmanier $15*
*Baileys $15*
*Tia Maria $15*
*Cognac $20*
Courviosier  * *
*Remy Martin $25*




We are still doing well on the progress front although we have slowed, with much lighter winds. The current 6 knots we're doing seems altogether pedestrian compared to the 7.5 we were enjoying.  According to the forecasts the wind is due to back later on and as we are currently on the limits of the Twistle's upwind performance we will have to wait and see what we get.  We have squared the rig to the wind in the way that old square riggers would have had to have done and we are just  below our required course.  As we near the islands we're hoping that we will also get the benefit of the Equatorial current which runs up off the coast of South America in a Northerly direction at about 1.5 knots.  If we get it we may just get the lift we need to cancel out our leeway (the slipping sideways effect of a sailing boat as she passes through the water)
It's a strange thing but we are once again at that point where the computer is giving us, on occasion as we accelerate down a wave, a predicted arrival time and I always have very strongly mixed emotions.  Firstly I'm absolutely delighted to have come so far and I am. so proud of all of us and the Ship. I can't wait to reach land and begin to enjoy visiting all the wonderful anchorages and places where we want to go.  But this is tinged with a huge slice of sadness to realise that there will be no more,  for a while at least, of the immensely soulful, empty ocean and all the contemplative and thought-provoking moments that it induces.   It really is such a special place and I will always feel honored and privileged to have been able to have enjoyed it, lived with it and been overwhelmingly humbled by it's cavernous, boundless beauty, serenity,anger and calm.
One ship carrying blue paint collided with another ship carrying red
paint. The crew is missing and believed to be marooned!

Haste El Caribbe
LadyC and time warping crew
Richard and Anne - Good to hear from you - I think we'll be gone by then but will watch out for you " On the way home"
Amanda and James - Hope you're enjoying your Holiday - Is there anything in your training manual that might help us to deal with the effects of the above - curry in foreign climes that is not the jet lag? 
Zara -  Thanks for Spam bashing (we  got an apology from Mailasail for it today) and for making us smile so often

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