27:49.30N 15:45.96W Or is it?

Lady Corinne
iain and gaynor macalister
Sat 12 Dec 2009 21:56
I really should learn to keep my thoughts to myself!  Having told you how lovely the weather is around here we woke up this morning to a stonker, with menacing black clouds all around high wind and severe weather warnings.  Max turned up at 12.00 Hrs ready for off and we stowed all his kit onboard. Then I made the difficult decision to delay our start.  During the next month we will obviously have to cope with all kinds of conditions but it didn't seem to make sense to set off into such bad weather, so we are going to wait for this front to blow through.  There are severe weather warnings for all the islands around and many of the local ports are closed. So we find ourselves in a strange sort of limbo having been so hyped up for going and now feeling a little deflated but I hope it will prove to have been the right choice.  Sometimes there is a lot of pressure to leave at a certain time, with not wanting to disappoint all the people here who are so interested in our trip and who want to watch us depart and wave us goodbye with good wishes for a safe passage. Also as Max will be leaving us when we reach the other side there is his flight ticket to consider and we will probably have to change it, at some cost, to a later date.  But ship and crew safety is the major consideration and if a stressful situation can be avoided then that is, I feel, the right choice.We will therefore be enjoying the spectacular hospitality, and culinary delights, of Puerto Mogan for the next 24 - 36 hours and will let you know when we're under way.
Hasta que pasa La Tormenta
Lady C and crew