Fw: La Cucaracha

Lady Corinne
iain and gaynor macalister
Sun 22 Nov 2009 08:55

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! It's so nice to be back on board and the repairs that we need to do are not as bad as the scary photos led me to believe. Puerto Mogan is so beautiful! All around where the boat is moored are whitewashed buildings with bourganvilla and other exotic flora cascading down the walls. The dynamic display of colour is spectacular with vivid red,purple,orange and yellow blooms all screaming at you to be admired . Last night Gaynor and I sat in the town square where all the locals congregate and we were drenched with the sweet,sweet heady perfume of a jasmine plant that was growing over a wall behind us.
That's the good bit, the cockroaches are a different matter - on arrival we were told that the old slapper is infested with them. This is in spite of spraying the whole boat from bow to stern and all the mooring lines before we left her at the end of August. Gaynor spent the whole day cleaning the inside and washing everything and we hoped we might have got rid of them but not the case. Last night we went to a very nice Tapas bar and I asked the owner if he knew what was the best course of action. He told me to go to the chemist and buy some borasic acid and make it into a paste by mixing it with condensed milk and to put it into all the areas where they might go. A short time later he came back to our table and very kindly gave us a tub of acid and said to take it, use what we needed and return the rest. What a kind man! it's just that, judging by the size of the pot of borasic acid he lent us I'm not altogether too sure I want to eat in his Restaurant any more, he must have a serious problem! Zara and Simon are coming out tomorrow for the weekend and it will be lovely to see them before we set off. Things are looking good for a departure date around the end of November, a whole month at sea will be fabulous!

Hasta la despedida