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Lady Corinne
iain and gaynor macalister
Thu 31 Dec 2009 19:01
31st January 2009
Gaynor and I are sitting in the cockpit of LadyC in the very new Marina of Mindelo, Puerto Grande on the beautiful island of Sau Vincente in the Cabo Verde Island.  The volcanic eruptions that have occurred over the millennia have certainly created a dramatic surrounding which almost looks like an oil painting at times as the different stages of sunrise and sunset illuminate the huge island that lies in front of us.  We were going to leave today but there is so much hype about tonight's celebrations we felt it would be rude to go.  Just over the road from the Marina entrance, which is right in the middle of town, is a roped off area that has been under guard all week and it is here that they are going to be letting off a fireworks display that promises to be loud and bright if the size of the pipes is any indication.  It looks like a scud missile launch site with huge long tubes set in the ground.  Following the trajectory and taking into account the wind strength and direction I'm wishing I hadn't filled all our diesel tanks up.  We have got all our provisions, which was in itself quite an interesting challenge, and just needed a couple of items that we hadn't been able to find so we decided to go to Arkwright's (as we call it) which is the first place we went when we arrived.  It's a small corner store with an L shaped counter and everything you could possibly imagine under one roof.  As today is the last time they can buy stuff the whole island was in there buying all sorts of everything. Goods are piled up all over the place and the many staff climb around the place like monkeys getting to all the goods.  While you are there you can enjoy a cold beer, or but a single cigarette. The locals come in with their empty water bottles and the shop sells them Aguardiente (Hooch type firewater made from sugar cane) using a metal cup which holds about 200cc and an old battered funnel.  It's just the most amazing place and great to spend 20 mins enjoying a Stelar and watching the show.  I'm going to get scrubbed up for the party, we should be back under way in a couple of days and I'll update you with more of the island and the rig fixes we've done. Until then we hope you have a great New Years Eve  and all of us wish you a very Happy 2010.
LadyC and exploding crew
Hasta el Ano que viene 
Duncan - Congratulations, you must be very pleased with that result - Well done - Can't wait to hear about it - Shame about the lack of Hotel though!